...The national Dance Ensemble “Geghard”, the winner of numerous awards at international festivals was created in the Republic of Armenian in 1981. The founder and invariable Art Director of the Ensemble since then has been Albert Kiziryan, the People's Artist of the Republic of Armenia , the graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Theatrical Arts, the Head of the Choreography Department of Yerevan State University of art, professor.
...Due to the diligence of the talented ballet-master and the infinite devotion of the members of the troupe the Ensemble "Geghard" has reached a high level of performance that within a rather short period of time has helped the troupe to achieve the recognition and acknowledgement of the audience as in Armenia as in foreign countries.
...The Ensemble has its own unique concert program which consists of such well known in Armenia highly artistic dances as "Festive", "Dance with Jugs", "Artsakh", "Shepherds' Dance", "Shalakho", "Shatakh Dance", "Kochari", "Yar Khushta", "Illusions", "Pictures of Old Havlabar", "Highlanders' Dance", "Sayat-Nova" and of course the famous "Dance with Swords" under the music of Aram Khachaturyan.
...All dances are performed with highly professional skill, and the choreography of each dance expresses the true national colorings of its time, the national style and spirit and the true face of Armenian dances.
...The specialists in this respect are stating that the talented dancers and musicians of the troupe are managing to transfer to the contemporary audience "the three thousand year old folklore dancing art of Armenia".
...The diligent creative work, the skills honed to perfection, the constant search of new forms of expression and their colorful reproduction have brought to the Ensemble a deserved fame in France, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Moscow and
In 1985 the Dance Ensemble "Geghard" participated in Tartou (Estonia) days of Armenian Culture.
In 1986 The Ensemble participated in "Yurmala" (Latvia) days of Armenian Culture.
In 1987 "Geghard" was invited to Bulgaria (by the international tourist center) and was awarded with the Certificate
............of In tourist Cultural Asset.
In 1989 the Ensemble was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia with the honoured title of
............People's Ensemble.
In 1989 in Moscow at the Union festival organized in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union the
............Ensemble was distinguished by a number of awards and certificates.
In 1990 "Geghard" participated in Nevtekamsk (Russia) Festival of People's Dance Ensembles. The only dance
............ensemble from Transcaucasia at that Festival was recognized as the best among the other participating 40
............ensembles and won the Golden Prize. There were impresarios from 15 countries at that Festival.
In 1991 in Chelyabinsk Festival (Russia) "Geghard" won the Grand Prize.
In 1991 in Gani (France) International Festival "Geghard" was awarded the Grand Prize for exhibiting the Armenian
............dance culture.
In 1992 the Ensemble was in Iraq and won the Grand Prize at the Babylon International festival.
In 1992 "Geghard" had a tourney in Syria and Jordan.
In 1993 at the Babylon (Iraq) International festival the Ensemble was again awarded the Grand Prize.
In 1994 by the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia "Geghard" had a concert tour in Tbilisi.
In 1995 the Ensemble brought the 3rd Grand Prize from the Babylon ( Iraq ) International festival.
In 1996 the Ensemble had a concert tour in Sochi (Russia).
In 1997 in Syria , in Basra International Festival the Ensemble one the Grand Prize.
In 1999 the Ensemble for the second time one the Grand Prize at Basra 's (Syria) international festival.
In 2000 the Ensemble had a concert tour in Armenia .
............But for the brilliant concerts around Armenia the Ensemble has participated as well in a number of events
............like "One Nation-One Culture", "Erebuni-Yerevan", "Pan Armenian Games" and other events organized by the
............state bodies.
In 2004 the Ensemble was invited to participate at Brussels' International Festival.
In 2006 the Ensemble was recognized as the best at the International Dance Festival in Greece.
In 2007 the Ensemble was participated at COSMOPOLIS Festival in Greece and was characterized by very high quality
............and as well as participated in Plovdiv and Varna (Bulgaria) international Folk festivals.
In 2008 the Ensemble had tour in Italy participated in festivals in Fondi, Moliterno, Alatri, Bergamo, Gorizia and was
............recognized as winner.
In 2009 the Ensemble was participated at “Great Anatolian Meeting of the World Cultures & Youth” Festival in
In 2010 the Ensemble had a concert tour in Belgium, France, Germany.

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