Albert Kiziryan

People's Artist-Choreographer of the Republic of Armenia, the youth union Prize laureate. Yerevan State University of Culture Head of the Choreography Department, professor. Graduated from Moscow state institute of Performing Arts as a producer and choreographer (ballet-master). He was head soloist of Armenian State Dance Ensemble for 23 years. He has also been a choreographer-experimenter and head choreographer.
Kiziryan founded and up now leads "Geghard" National Dance Ensemble of Armenia, which participated in numerous festivals and became the winner.
Kiziryan toured USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America and Australia. Kiziryan has devoted a great deal of his time on the Armenian diaspora to retain Armenia culture in the form of dance developing high quality groups in France, Egypt, Canada, Lebanon and Australia.

Zhasmena Avetisyan

Graduated from Yerevan choreographic Academy and later state University of Foreign languages. She has awarded a laureate the Armenian Youth Association. Zhasmena worked at Yerevan Spendiaryan Opera Ballet Academic theatre as a ballet dancer, bat later in the Armenian State Dance Ensemble. During 20 years she appeared on numerous dancing stages in the world representing Armenian dance as a soloist and was highly acclaimed by critics and audience. Zhasmena has also worked in different Armenian Diaspora Cultural Centres teaching the Armenian folk dances and sharing with her rich artistic experience. Zhasmena is a classic dance teacher at the Yerevan Choreographic Academy, Armenian state Pedagogical Institute. Since 1981 she has been the dance-master and choreograph of "Geghard" ensemble. Now she lectures classic dance and the history of choreography at Yerevan Culture University.

Ida Harutyunyan

Ida Harutynyan has graduated from Moscow musical-pedagogical institute after Gnessins, as well as Pan-Russian Institute of Cinema and Television.
For long she worked in the State Dance Company first as a concertmaster, later as a leader of the musical part.
Now she works in Yerevan State Institute of Cinema and Theatre and in Dance Collage in Yerevan as senior concertmaster.
Since 1993 she has been the leader of musical part of "Geghard" folk dance ensemble.
Ida Harutynyan is a laureate of a number of medals and awards by the Armenian Youth Association.

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