Bartsr Haik

Armenian costumes map

As in the history of any other nation the national dressing style and outfit have had significant importance in the development of national style and unique characteristics. The unique dressing style of Armenian nation have passed a long way of historical development has become an inseparable part of the Near and Middle East cultural heritage, without loosing its true Armenian peculiarities.
The dressing style of the Armenian nation has been one of the factors of its national identity. Even together with some stylish resemblances the Armenian nation has always had a very creative approach in ornament and decoration that has been expressed in the different tribal styles and centennial traditions. One should mention especially the traditionalism of Armenian women in the preservation of the culturally unique styles of the outfit. The specific styles of the cut , the choice of subtle colors and ornament, the rationalism of forms has been the result of the creative merits of the Armenian women.
The different variables of the Armenian dressing style are very much resembling the numerous dialects of Armenian language all of which are closely connected with the main language and like it are the unique treasures of our centennial culture.
In the course of around three millennia there have been huge population migrations in Armenia , invasions, wars and other demographic disasters that certainly had their impact on our style and dressing however have not spoiled its unique national characteristics. This makes the diversity of styles in Armenian outfit and dressing historically important, moreover very often the Armenian style in dresses and outfits has had a strong influence on the styles of neighboring peoples inhabiting the Near and Middle East.

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