Armenia is a country of sky-high mountains, flourishing valleys, azure sky and clearest lakes. The country, having age-long history, has retained its distinctive culture through the centuries.

The dance folklore has occupied a leading role through the history of the Armenian people. It was popular among the ancient Armenian tribes and it passed from generation to generation.

Furthermore, having survived through the various historical challenges, Armenians managed to sustain their ethnic dance art.

Being distinctive and matchess it reflects the infinite spiritual world of the Armenian people, its love of freedom, courage and heroism, tenderness and lyricism, vigor and strength, sharp wit and king irony.

Many people feel something special in Armenian dances, and in the passion, subtlety, and eloquence which they embody.

Papers in many countries write. We admire the art of dancing of the Armenian people that has reached its pinnacle of being perfect, nice dresses, incomparable set of colors, ancient dancing techniques and skillful performance.

Folk dance